2. UAV Based leakage detection and overhead structures inspection services

  3. Calibration metering and Industrial Automation; PLC, DCS, SCADA, HMI systems

  4. Cathodic Protection Services


…’Difficult’ is no excuse, we get the job DONE!

BLIEU-RED (Blieu Research and Development): High-end engineering research, consultancy and application tool services. We handle all mathematical modeling and systems simulation for firms
and individuals (B.Eng, M.Sc and Phd study levels).

Our areas of expertise cut across the following areas of engineering research:

  • Electrical/ Electronic Engineering Research
  • Telecommunications Research Electronic
  • Systems Research (including design, development and programming of all advanced electronic systems)
  • Power Systems Research
  • Environmental/Bioremediation Engineering Research
  • Optimization of bioremediation process parameter
  • Civil/ Geotechnical Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Hydrology and Hydrodynamics
  • Transportation
  • Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Our application tools for engineering research:

  • Mathlab and simulink
  • Optisystem telecommunication tools
  • NetSim (for wireless network simulation)
  • ETAP (power system studies)
  • Comsol Multiphysics

Our skill set for design and development of Advanced Electrical/Electronic Engineering Systems :

  • Advanced Electronic System Design
  • Programming of all C/C++ based microcontroller Architectures
  • Raspberry Pi System on Chip device programming

UAV Based Leakage detection and overhead structures

By deploying our indigenously produced/ locally made drones as well as UAV’s from standard drone OEMs, we are able to provide efficient solutions to the following:

  • Perimeter surveillance for intruder detection
  • 24 hour tactical operations support
  • 24 hour situational awareness
  • Leak detection and tank seal inspection

Calibration, Metering and Industrial Automation

We offer the following services:

Modernization and upgrades- evaluation of existing automated systems and provision of upgrade strategy. OEM services- from planning and inception to modernization, we help provide high end OEM services for optimal technical business performance. Industrial cyber security: we provide expertise to secure industrial control systems (ICS) from cyber
intruders and threats.

Cathodic Protection Services

We provide expertise for design and installation of both galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems.

Intelligent Anti-Tamper Valve/Wellhead Lock System With OTP And IIoT Technology

Improved anti-theft/anti-tamper lock system using digital technology to authorize operation of valve only authorized personnel from the operations base, so as to curb employee theft, vandalism and instill compliance.

System feature
Perfect blend of high steel mechanical toughness and cutting edge digital technology.
Built to adapt to rigorous nature of oil and gas terrain.
Easily detached and mounted on valves.